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Firming Eye Cream VS Eye Lift Procedures

Our skin begins to sag and wrinkle as we age, which only worsens with exposure to the sun and free radicals in the air. If this fact is getting you down and you are considering an eye lift to rectify the problem, then you need to stop what you're doing and listen up!

Opting for an eye lift is indeed a solution to your problem. But the question is: is it the best solution to fixing your problem? The answer is simply no! Expensive cosmetic surgery is not the wisest choice when it comes to getting rid of wrinkles & finelines around the eyes. In fact, you might say it is the dumbest choice a person could make in terms of wrinkle removal. Why is that? Because any wrinkle sufferer can achieve the same results with a firming eye cream, or under eye wrinkle cream, as they could with a surgical eye lift! Don't believe it? Well, maybe this will change your mind:

1. No Injections, No Expensive Treatments, No Specialist Visits

An eye lift is no laughing matter, as it is a serious procedure that involves the eyes -- a vital part of your body that enables you to SEE. An eye lift has the risk of complications, side-effects, and it requires recovery time as well. On the other hand, a firming eye cream only needs to be applied to the eye region and then be left alone; that's it. No injections and no down-time -- simply rub the cream into the skin and you're done. Easy, right?

2. Costs WAY Less

If you're on a budget, an eye lift might be a bit more than you bargained for, in terms of price that is. It is a very expensive procedure that can cost thousands of dollars and leave you virtually penniless. An anti wrinkle eye cream, however, will cost exponentially less, and that is even if you were to continue using the cream for years! A blind man could see these savings from a mile away.

3. Pain Free

Think about it; has applying a cream to your face ever hurt? Most likely not. That being said, why suffer through the immense pain, be it after or during the surgery, when you can just use an anti wrinkle eye cream instead? Honestly, doesn't it make more sense to just stick with the best eye cream?

4. No Loss Of Sick Days

An eye lift isn't going to be quick -- you won't be in and out and then back to work in a few days. Sorry, it's just not that convenient. In truth, there could be up to 10 days of "down time" for your eyes to fully heal; and that means quite a bit of missed work. Not only that, but you'll likely be required to wear sunglasses around bright lights for even longer. Firming eye cream is looking more and more like the best choice, isn't it?

5. Eye Lifts Aren't Permanent

You may think the procedure is permanent, but it isn't. An eye lift, or similar cosmetic procedure, will last a few months and then the procedure must be performed AGAIN in order to maintain the appearance of wrinkle-free skin. Sounds a bit ridiculous considering the fact that you can just keep using firming eye cream to keep wrinkles away. Seriously, why pay thousands of dollars per year to reduce wrinkles, when you can pay a fraction of that with the use of anti wrinkle eye cream?

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