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How to Get Rid of Crows Feet - 7 Top Methods

Whether you call them laugh lines, character lines or crow's feet, we all know what they areā€¦ wrinkles at the outer corners of the eyes that always make us look older than we want to look. Crows feet usually begin to appear in our mid to late twenties; sometimes earlier, sometimes later; and they are more or less unavoidable. Luckily though, there are many effective remedies that can help get rid of crows feet -- if not at least reduce the appearance of them. Read on to learn about seven of the best strategies to remove crows feet.

7 Strategies of How to Get Rid of Crows Feet...

1. Hydrate and Moisturize: As we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity and the ability to retain moisture. Wrinkles and fine lines develop sooner and are more noticeable on dry skin. The best way to combat dry skin is to consume at least eight, 8 oz glasses of water per day. This will stabilize your moisture levels and flush toxins from your skin as well. While the idea of drinking exactly 64 ounces of water a day might seem a bit daunting (especially if you hate water), don't be alarmed. Simply start drinking more water each day and don't worry about the actual "ounces".

2. Holistic Remedies: Holistic methods to get rid of crows feet are concerned with skin health as well as overall health of the individual. Usage of vitamin E oil and other topical natural remedies containing aloe vera gel, cucumber juice, as well as taking a vitamin and mineral supplement every day, address "total body" health as well as skin health. Eating right, getting plenty of rest, and learning how to relax will also help you look and feel your best.

3. Effective Lifestyle Changes: If you happen to be a smoker, now is the best time to quit. Not only does cigarette smoke age your skin prematurely it greatly increases your risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer. Moderate exercise will improve blood circulation throughout your body, and your skin will reap the benefits. Avoid the over-consumption of alcohol or recreational drugs, get plenty of sleep, and eat right to improve your overall health and the condition of your skin. While it's not the fastest way of how to remove crows feet, life changes & improvements aren indeed one of the most potent -- you just have to give it time and stick to it.

4. Anti Aging Skin Creams: There are no topical "cures" to get rid of crows feet, but there are many effective remedies that will reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles around your eyes. Check the ingredients listed on the labels, and look for products containing retinoids, vitamins A, concentrated antioxidants, copper peptides, alpha hydroxy acids. and hyaluronic acids as well as SPF 15 or higher UV protection. If this remedy peaks your interest -- which it should, considering how easy it is -- I advise you to check out our in-depth review page on the Best Wrinkle Creams.

5. Botox: It is possible to get rid of crows feet through the application of a few simple procedures that can be done as an outpatient at your doctor's office or medical clinic. Botox treatments involve the injection of type A botulism toxin into facial muscles around the eyes. This causes paralysis, allows the skin above the muscles to smooth out, and makes wrinkles disappear. There is some discrepency between opinions and whether or not this treatment actually works to remove crows feet. In my opinion though, it's ineffective & impractical as a long term solution.

6. Skin Resurfacing Microdermabrasion: Involves the surface layer of skin being sanded away with a rapidly rotating brush so that a new layer of skin can form. This technique can produce a very youthful appearance. There are several semi-invasive laser procedures to resurface affected skin, and leave a smoother, less wrinkled appearance. This method usually requires more than one treatment over several months' time. It's not the fastest or the most affordable treatment around, but it does produce results if you've got the money to burn.

7. Light Cosmetic Surgery: If this is an option you're willing to consider -- and I really hope it's not -- consult a board certified cosmetic surgeon to determine your best options to get rid of crows feet once and for all. It will take several months to heal from these more aggressive beauty procedures; so be prepared to miss work and make sure you have some pain medication, you're gonna need 'em!.

Results of any of these remedies will vary, depending on the individual and other factors such as age, health, skin type, and how deep your wrinkles are. Just remember that nearly all remedies take time & patience to yield results; very few are instantaneous.

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