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How to Get Rid of Puffy Bags Under Eyes

It's more than likely that you don't literally have bags under your eyes -- what you do have is just your normal, run of the mill puffiness or dark circles, both of which can easily be treated with the few excellent natural home remedies. Most bags under the eyes are caused by excess fat in the eye area. The orbital septum surrounding the eyeballs becomes weaker with age, and allows the outer layer of fat within the socket to sink forward and create eye puffiness.

The skin below our eyes is fragile and contains fewer oil glands than skin in other areas. For this reason, the skin under the eyes thins out and becomes overly dry. Veins below the skin in these areas may become leaky causing dark circles and puffy bags under eyes.. If others in your family have eye puffiness then you will probably develop puffy bags under eyes as well. Your puffy eyes could also be a result of excess salt intake, allergies, hay fever, cigarette smoking or environmental toxins. Here are some natural solutions for puffy under eye bags.

5 Ways To Get Rid of Puffy Bags Under Eyes...

1. Natural Home Remedies

There are a several homemade eye puffiness remedies made with aloe vera and cucumber that will work for puffy bags under eyes. Grate a cucumber, wrap the gratings in cheese cloth and press or squeeze the juices into a bowl. Add a similar amount of aloe vera juice or gel and mix thoroughly. Soak cotton balls in the mixture and place over your eyes for 15 minutes.

Another simple remedy is to apply a poultice of lemon juice, tomato puree, orange lentil flour and turmeric powder over your puffy eye bags, and leave in place for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Both these remedies for puffy bags under eyes help reduce inflammation, tighten and and refresh the skin.

2. Do Not Rub Your Eyes

If you are prone to frequent sinus infections or itchy watery eyes due to allergies and hay fever, then eye puffiness may be due to excess rubbing of the eyes and/or and inflammation of your sinuses. These allergic shiners can be unsightly, but they don't usually indicate a serious medical problem in adults. However, dark puffy bags under eyes of an infant or young child may point to a serious case of allergic asthma.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

Sufficient intake of pure, fresh water is vitally necessary for healthy skin. Eye puffiness is the result of inflammation. Water promotes flushing of excess fluids present in puffy bags under eyes.

For years, our moms have been telling us to follow the 8 by 8 water principal and drink eight, 8 ounce glasses of water each day. However, the latest recommendations inform us not to worry about drinking specific amounts of water. Instead, we should drink whenever we are thirsty. While there is no scientific evidence for the 8 by 8 principal, it remains a reliable rule of thumb.

4. Improve Your Diet

Poor nutrition leads to the thinning of skin under eyes. Lack of essential nutrients or toxins derived from processed foods in your diet can affect discoloration and eye puffiness. Approximately 20% of our daily water intake is derived from the foods we eat, so it makes sense to consume foods with high water content.

Lettuce, melons, grapefruit, broccoli, milk and juice are all at least 90% water. The other 10% of these foods is chock full of antioxidants and nutrients to bolster the body's immune system and protect the skin from free radicals while eliminating toxins, wastes and excess fluids. It's obviously not the fastest way to get rid of puffy bags under eyes, but it is a great long term strategy nonetheless

5. Get Plenty of Rest and Exercise

Sometimes fatigue and stress contribute to puffy bags under eyes. Lack of sleep or a sedentary lifestyle can aggravate the problem. 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is a reasonable goal for most of us, although health issues may indicate a need for more sleep than usual. Aerobic, isometric and muscle building exercises can make you feel tired at bedtime, and as such, they encourage restful sleep.

Aim for a thirty minute workout each day, five days a week. It is not recommended that you engage in all three of the aforementioned exercise types every day either. In fact, the most effective approach would be to change the routine a bit from day to day. This will keep your body from becoming bored with the same movements, day after day. While exercise & rest may seem a strange tip for getting rid of eye puffiness and eye bags, it is VERY effective and it is completely natural. Add it to your routine and you won't be sorry.

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