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What Causes Dark Bags Under Eyes

If you wake up looking more tired than when you went to bed, or if friends frequently tell you it's time you took a vacation, itís highly likely you've got some baggage; and by that I mean dark bags under eyes. Baggy eyes cause you to look older and more tired than you really are. If you want to know what causes bags under eyes, stick around. This article is devoted to providing answers to this age old question.

Common Causes of Bags Under Eyes...

Sleep deprivation, gravity, health problems, thyroid conditions, hormonal issues, allergies, and the normal aging process can all cause dark bags under eyes. They usually start small and nearly unnoticeable before they "grow up". You may notice puffy little pillows under the skin just below your lower eyelids. If left untreated, these little pillows can develop quite quickly into full-blown baggy eyes.

There is a certain amount of fat that exists naturally in the area under your eyes and held in place by ligaments. These ligaments weaken as part of the natural aging process. This is what causes bags under eyes, because it allows the fat to protrude slightly, forming those puffy little pillows under your eyes. Over time, those puffy little bags grow in size and appearance and become unmissable.

As aging skin loses its elasticity, loose wads of skin form. When this occurs will vary from one individual to the next, and may be determined by heredity. Whether or not one or both of your parents had baggy eyes, and at what age they developed, will most likely determine whether you develop them. But heredity is not the only causative issue. Lifestyle factors matter too. Chronic lack of sleep and the consumption of salty foods can affect fluid retention and make dark bags under eyes more apparent.

Could It Be Allergies?

Sometimes, a medical condition such as sinus infections or allergies can be what causes bags under eyes. The continual swelling and deflating that occurs as a result of these chronic medical conditions can contribute to loose skin and eventually bags. The unconscious rubbing of watery, itchy eyes contributes to the problem too.

If you suffer from frequent sinus infections or allergy symptoms during those times when your eyes look the puffiest, you should consult an allergy specialist. The appearance of dark bags under eyes may be significantly reduced with the treatment of underlying allergy or sinus conditions. Using an extra pillow or a wedge that elevates your head when you sleep may also help. By facilitating drainage that reduces inflammation around the eyes, you'll be able to achieve a less puffy appearance during the day.

Natural Remedies for Dark Bags Under Eyes

There are many tried and true natural remedies that act as temporary fixes for puffy eyes. One popular treatment consists of applying frozen tea bags, cucumber slices, or the back of an ice-cold spoon to puffy under eye bags. These provide some temporary relief by reducing the inflammation. Green tea bags are especially effective because green tea contains a natural anti-inflammatory substance known as EGCG.

The hemorrhoid treatment Preparation H has a reputation as an effective treatment for under eye bags. Hemorrhoid creams work by treating the root of what causes bags under eyes while also temporarily smoothing and tightening skin. Oil based hemorrhoid product should not be used as these will most likely aggravate the appearance of dark bags under eyes.

Wrinkle Cream With Vitamin K

Vitamin K cream was once believed to be the best topical treatment for eliminating dark bags under eyes. However, limited research neither supported or debunked this theory.

In one study, 47% of women using a vitamin K based gel reported some improvement. However, the gel also contained vitamins C, E and retinol, Therefore, researchers determined it was impossible to determine which ingredient was responsible for the positive results. That being said, using wrinkle creams that have Vitamins K, C, E and retinol is definitely not a bad idea.

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